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School Camp on the Great Ocean Road … Beautiful Beach, Farm & Bushland


Fabulous desserts
Fabulous desserts

Kangaroobie keeps kids hopping on the education and activity fronts all day – helping them to build a healthy appetite.

And our dedicated kitchen staff pride themselves on being able to keep kids satisfied and nourished, catering for dietary and cultural needs.

Our kitchen staff use high quality ingredients to create three nutritious meals a day – not to mention morning and afternoon tea, and supper. A range of seasonal fresh fruit is freely available all day.

We aim to cater for all food intolerance and allergies, halal food is available, as is vegetarian food, and we are nut aware.

Our standard breakfast menus include cereal and porridge, eggs or pancakes, fruit, baked beans & spaghetti.

Damper is served with homemade soup at lunchtime – and the favourites with Kangaroobie campers are vegetable, chicken noodle, and pumpkin. We also serve baked potatoes with a choice of toppings – butter, sour cream, cheese or coleslaw. Homemade sausage rolls and Kangaroobie-style pizzas also feature regularly on the menu. Fruit platters are always served after lunch.

Hearty main courses
Hearty main courses

Roast beef with vegetables, homemade meat pie with vegetables, barbecued meats and salad, and spaghetti bolognaise are among the dinner-time favourites.

Our desserts include chocolate pudding, apple crumble, fruit salad, and peach or apricot sponge.

Kids are treated to a variety of homemade slices, biscuits and cake for morning and afternoon tea.

Supper includes hot chocolate and a sweet treat.


Did you know?

Damper is a traditional Australian soda bread originally prepared by swagmen, drovers and other travellers – baked in the ashes of a campfire or open fireplace.

Kangaroobie Standard 5 Day Menu Plan

At Kangaroobie we pride ourselves on our food and truly believe that good food (& plenty of it) is an essential part of the camping experience. The following menu is representative of what we provide to visiting groups. Please note that variations do occur.

Fruit is available at all times.